Kunsthæfte nr. 19 - 20. 2010

Text By Joerg Colberg, Dec 17, 2010
Earlier this year, Photo-Eye asked me for my favourite ten photobooks this year. Compiling such lists at the end of a year is always fun and dreadful at the same time. There was a deadline, long expired at the time of this writing, and I sent in a selection. Needless to say, the year has twelve months, and I ended up finding more books, some of which I added to my list. Plus, I picked my favourite photobooks this year. At some stage, you just have commit to something. Find the list and all the details below.

I don’t speak Danish so I have literally no clue what the text of number 20 of Jesper Fabricius’s Kunsthaefte actually says. But it looks close enough to German for me to think I have an idea - and combined with these visual snippets from 1970’s Danish hardcore pornography magazines the resulting mix is funny and absurd. It’s not even pornography, because everything is cut into tiny pieces. If it’s porn, it’s dada porn. There has been so much trite work produced around/from pornography (the only shock value usually being how bad the work is), Kunsthaefte 20 easily avoids all pitfalls.